Short-term options: 

Looking to bridge the gap between plans? A short term plan could be just right for you! 


Affordable Care Act Compliant Plans: 

The Health Insurance Landscape is more complex than ever and we offer two levels of service to our individual clients who are not on Medicare:

  1. We offer our services on a consultation basis where we do the "heavy lifting". In other words, we provide you with a taliored report and comprehensive analysis based on your needs and expectations. We help you explore any tax credit options, look up providers, explain how things work and take you beyond the enrollment process to include cost-saving strategies. Your healthcare costs are a significant piece of your financial plan and we get that. Our Consultation services start at $250 for the year. Give us a call at 847-746-6115 to get started.

  2. For those who prefer to do-it-yourself, click on the link below. As your Agent, Horizon will be glad to advise you on how your plan works and what to do if you get in a pinch. 



Looking for an alternative solution to the Affordable Care Act? One that will also exempt you from the penalty? If so, look no further. We are honored to work with this health share ministry! This program is best suited for those who are looking for a different solution.